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Season 2! Podcast for gifted people


A couple of days ago, I received a lovely instagram message from someone who wrote (translated from Dutch): 'I am so happy I follow you. You're an inspiration to me and I can't wait for the new season of your coaching podcast. I recently listened to all the episodes a second time, just to get even more insights from them'.


Messages like these make me smile with gratitude, because there is nothing quite like knowing that the work I put out has an impact on people and inspires them!


Plus, I had some good news for her... Season 2 of The Smart Rebel Podcast is finally here! As of this morning, a new episode is now available. In the episode (nr. 11), I coach Lisa around her desire to create a multi-path career, but the fear she has that this will lead to a lack of continuity and stability. For those of you who also don't want to pick just one career path, this will be an interesting listen.


The podcast is available on all major platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

The Smart Rebel Podcast cover

About The Smart Rebel Podcast

This is a podcast for gifted people who want to thrive in life and actualize their full potential. Tune in to some of the most fascinating conversations you'll ever witness. Each episode, I am coaching someone on the spot, challenging their mind and messing with their thinking. From difficult life decisions, to scary career steps... From overcoming impostor syndrome to building up the confidence to be proudly neurodivergent.... This podcast will make you feel like you're indirectly being coached yourself - by me - on some of the biggest questions, themes, and mindset blocks that gifted people experience.  


20% discount on 1-1 coaching

Curious about what coaching can do for you? I am currently offering free 1-1 taster sessions so you can experience the transformative power of coaching first-hand. If afterwards you decide to sign up for coaching, you'll receive a 20% discount! This offer expires on March 18.

What else is on?

13th March: Wanneer je NIET voor coaching moet gaan (free webinar, in Dutch)

16th March: From imposter syndrome to unstoppable (masterclass, in English)

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