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1-1 Coaching

Private coaching for gifted minds who desire a highly tailored program designed specifically for them.

I coach in both English and Dutch. About half of my clients are from the Netherlands, the other half are international. 

Client story: Annemiek Kinneging

Coaching used to be a disappointing experience. I never got out of it what I needed, learnt very little, nothing really ever changed, I continued encountering the same issues, and coaches would only offer standard replies and ready-made ‘solutions’. In short, I never found what I was looking for. Until I met Simone. “Fine, I’ll give this one more try, a final chance, and if I feel disappointed again, I’ll give up on coaching”, I thought to myself.


Simone moved me from our very first conversation, she saw through my self-limiting beliefs, went beyond the standard solutions I had already tried, she saw me and she switched me on. I was bursting with energy after our coaching sessions, I experienced many break-throughs, learnt a huge deal, and for the first time in my life, someone fully understood me and didn’t think I was weird or ‘too much’. During each session, we encountered self-limiting beliefs that we’d investigate: what is this belief, is it true or false, what to do with it, what do I really believe.

During a session, you reach the moment where Simone gives you an assignment. These assignments were always out of my comfort zone but not in a frustrating way. It was different from what I was used to, went against the beliefs I held about myself, but felt super good. “Go write your own copy”. Well, for someone who thinks she can’t write, that is a big challenge, but I succeeded and nowadays I always write all my own materials.


Simone is thoughtful, listens carefully (also to the things you don’t say), can in no-time get to the core of the problem, and help you take big steps forward. Her coaching has changed my life completely. Before, I was switched off, everything was plain, and I was always feeling tired. Now, I am exploding with energy, and my creativity is flowing like a waterfall.


Coaching has given me so much: I am ‘bouncing’ again, I am enjoying life, I am discovering, learning, and I am feeling alive like never before. I cannot think of anything more rewarding.

Ready to Reach for the Sky?

My 1-1 coaching programs are for gifted minds who desire to unpack their gifts with full dedication, commitment and curiosity.

Private coaching is the highest and deepest level of guidance and support I can provide. It is also the most intense. My clients have shown tremendous growth and transformation as a consequence of my coaching. I would love to do the same for you.

I coach a wide range of people, from professionals to entrepreneurs, teachers to engineers, artists to business leaders, and the list goes on. I also coach high-potential students. My clients are incredibly diverse, but they have one thing in common: an untamable desire to explore and ignite their gifts.


The people I work with are gifted, high-potential and often high achievers. But those same people are very human, just like you and me. My clients are no strangers to self-doubt, impostor syndrome, perfectionism, fear of failure, fear of success, limiting beliefs, insecurities, and anxiety around making study/career/life choices. 

So if you experience (some of) these things too, you're not alone. This is precisely where I offer expert support.

These are all topics I provide coaching on, from overcoming limitations to envisioning a future for yourself you cannot wait to start building. From practising more self-compassion towards your own gifted *but very demanding* mind, to building up the courage and self-confidence to turn your biggest dreams into your reality. 

Don't just take my word for it. . .

Emma, Entrepreneur & speaker

Iris, Software Engineer

Iris, Software Engineer


"Simone is a kind and extraordinarily intuitive coach who, with her endless patience, has given me the structure and space to take the next steps in my journey of personal growth. With her expertise and concrete tools, Simone enabled me to see my challenges in a new light. I'm so grateful for the insights I've gained about how giftedness impacts my life. Thanks to coaching, my life has improved radically. I'd highly recommend you to embark on this journey. I can't even begin to explain how much this has helped me!"

Emma Stoks

Foto Emma.jpeg

"Simone is sharp, non-judgmental and great at listening between the lines. Thanks to her practical approach I felt supported not just during the sessions, but also in-between sessions as I began to consciously implement new habits. Simone turns challenges that seem large and overwhelming into simple and manageable ones, without sacrificing depth."


"Before starting coaching with Simone, I questioned my giftedness a lot. I didn't know how to deal with this. The sessions helped me realize why I've often felt demotivated and restless. Simone is a great listener who offered me concrete tools and assignments to work with in-between the sessions. For the first time in years, I feel seen again. Thanks to coaching, I've become a lot more self-confident."

Choose your Program

3 month program

What's included:

- Biweekly 1-1 coach sessions (1 hr) on Zoom.

- Assignments and exercises for in-between the sessions

- Private access for weekly support.

Your investment

Standard: €3,500

Students: €1,800

6 month program

What's included:

- Biweekly 1-1 coach sessions (1 hr) on Zoom.

- Assignments and exercises for in-between the sessions

- Private access for weekly support.

Your investment

Standard: €6,500

Students: €3,200

Prodigy Program

The word 'prodigy' comes from the Latin 'prodigium', which means 'an omen or sign of something to come'. A prodigy is someone with promising talents and abilities. While often used to speak about highly gifted children and youth specifically, my Prodigy Program is for any gifted individual who is committed to fulfilling the promise of their high potential.


This is my most exclusive program. For a full year, you will receive my 1-1 guidance and coaching. On top of that, you receive access to all the masterclasses and trainings I give throughout the year. In the Prodigy Program, you can have me on speed dial for unlimited and day-to-day support. 


This program is one of close mentorship. Besides having me as your coach, I am there with you along every step of the way on your journey of personal and professional growth. 

There are only 3 spots available per year. There is currently one spot left. Places are allocated by application only.

For who? For 'prodigies' of all ages. This program is available to both students as well as entrepreneurs, creatives and


Duration: 1 year (+ guaranteed ability to extend with a 2nd year)


Standard: €10k

Students: €5k

* Payment plans available

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