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The Smart Rebel

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A podcast for gifted adults who want to thrive in life, and actualize their full potential. 

I coach the top 2% most intelligent people in this world. But those gifted people often don't feel that smart at all... In fact, they often feel the exact opposite way. You see, the brightest people are often more aware of what they don't know than what they do know. 

Tune in to some of the most fascinating conversations you'll ever witness. Each episode, I am coaching a different gifted person on the spot, challenging their mind and messing with their thinking. From difficult life decisions, to scary career steps... From overcoming impostor syndrome to building up the confidence to be proudly neurodivergent.... This podcast will make you feel like you're indirectly being coached yourself - by me - on some of the biggest questions, themes, and mindset blocks that gifted people experience.  

Get featured on the podcast!

Do you feel like you carry a huge potential inside of you, but you're unsure how to let it out? Have you been playing small for too long and are you done with constantly holding yourself back? Or perhaps you are on a roll with your career but feel overwhelmed by your many interests, contemplating whether you should make a switch or broaden your horizon? Are you experiencing indecisiveness with regards to which projects and paths to pursue in life, or do you find yourself frequently asking yourself 'Who am I to do/say/create this?'

You could be a working professional, a student, a parent, an entrepreneur, a creative artist, or so many other things. The floor is open to any gifted person who wants to up their game and take their aspirations and joy to the next level.

Curious? Then apply for the chance to appear on The Smart Rebel podcast!

Ps. You can choose to appear anonymously on the podcast too. Because not everyone wants to publicly share that they are gifted. So don't let concerns about anonymity hold you back. 

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