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    Considering 1-1 coaching? Let's jump on a call out if/how we can work ...

    30 min

  • Available Online

    One-off private coaching intensive for those seeking tailored support ...

    1 hr 30 min

    695 euros
  • Available Online

    Free 1-1 coaching session for The Smart Rebel Podcast

    45 min

Lotte van Lith

Founder of A Lot of Complexity,

lecturer, author, speaker and coach

My Deep Dive Experience

The ‘Deep Dive’ session encouraged me to take ownership of my creative projects, to take time to explore which artistic forms suit me, to experience agency and urgency connected to what I do, and to stop allowing my inner critic to tone down my ambitions.


Through her constant and/and-approach (rather than either/or), and her capacity to both explore and challenge limitations, as well as redefine the possible, Simone inspired me to recognize a glowing creative urge to develop myself within the rebellious artistic forms I discussed with her. How bountiful!


Simone listens generously, thinks deeply, widely, and quickly, and is constantly aware of the important underlying layer of emotionality. In short, an encounter with Simone opens the doors to your desires, vision, and possibilities. ‘What a joy it is to be alive!’ Is what my heart told me afterwards.

Sarina's Deep Dive Experience

I came across Simone feeling stuck and left without any dreams or goals after those horrible "corona years". I also lived through a few personal events that left me uninspired and almost depressed. So, I decided to take a Deep Dive in the hope it would put things into motion. In 1,5 hour, we talked amongst others about an ideal world and my limiting convictions.

Simone has a way of asking questions no one else asks and makes remarks that really make you think differently. For example, I had to answer my own limiting thoughts such as "who am I to want this", "what do I have to offer anyway", etc. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and unsure about myself, answering these questions in a positive way and writing them down as a reminder of my talents and giftedness, has helped me stay on track since.

The 1-1 Deep Dive gently pushed me into action and since our coaching session, I didn't fall back into my passive state of mind and overthinking every single decision I had to take. Instead, I started DOING stuff and just seeing where it brings me. I'm not there yet, but this is a great start!


Sarina Uilenberg

Photographer and idealist

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