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Client stories

Coaching used to be a disappointing experience. I never got out of it what I needed, learnt very little, nothing really ever changed, I continued encountering the same issues, and coaches would only offer standard replies and ready-made ‘solutions’. In short, I never found what I was looking for. Until I met Simone. “Fine, I’ll give this one more try, a final chance, and if I feel disappointed again, I’ll give up on coaching”, I thought to myself.


Simone moved me from our very first conversation, she saw through my self-limiting beliefs, went beyond the standard solutions I had already tried, she saw me and she switched me on. I was bursting with energy after our coaching sessions, I experienced many break-throughs, learnt a huge deal, and for the first time in my life, someone fully understood me and didn’t think I was weird or ‘too much’. During each session, we encountered self-limiting beliefs that we’d investigate: what is this belief, is it true or false, what to do with it, what do I really believe.

During a session, you reach the moment where Simone gives you an assignment. These assignments were always out of my comfort zone but not in a frustrating way. It was different from what I was used to, went against the beliefs I held about myself, but felt super good. “Go write your own copy”. Well, for someone who thinks she can’t write, that is a big challenge, but I succeeded and nowadays I always write all my own materials.

Simone is thoughtful, listens carefully (also to the things you don’t say), can in no-time get to the core of the problem, and help you take big steps forward. Her coaching has changed my life completely. Before, I was switched off, everything was plain, and I was always feeling tired. Now, I am exploding with energy, and my creativity is flowing like a waterfall.


Coaching has given me so much: I am ‘bouncing’ again, I am enjoying life, I am discovering, learning, and I am feeling alive like never before. I cannot think of anything more rewarding.


Annemiek Kinneging

Artist and creative entrepreneur

Lotte van Lith

Founder of A Lot of Complexity,

lecturer, author, speaker and coach

The Deep Dive session with Simone encouraged me to take ownership of my creative projects, to take time to explore which artistic forms suit me, to experience agency and urgency connected to what I do, and to stop allowing my inner critic to tone down my ambitions.


Through her constant and/and-approach (rather than either/or), and her capacity to both explore and challenge limitations, as well as redefine the possible, Simone inspired me to recognize a glowing creative urge to develop myself within the rebellious artistic forms I discussed with her. How bountiful!


Simone listens generously, thinks deeply, widely, and quickly, and is constantly aware of the important underlying layer of emotionality. In short, an encounter with Simone opens the doors to your desires, vision, and possibilities. ‘What a joy it is to be alive!’ Is what my heart told me afterwards.

Today one year ago is the moment that my life started to change for good: I attended two of your masterclasses plus a 1-1 coaching taster, and was fully convinced. I signed up for 3 months of coaching, an investment that cost me an arm and a leg at the time. But the return on the investment I received, made it all worth it. 


What has changed?

I started my own company, quit my previous job, wrote my second book, created and started giving my own trainings, I collaborate on trainings for other companies, bought myself a ring to celebrate all the big steps I took, and I have established a position of authority in my field. I constantly do things out of my comfort zone, I challenge thoughts that keep me small, I acknowledge my giftedness and my quest for balance between action and relaxation, I listen to what my feelings tell me, and I trust my intuition, even if it makes me do scary things. 

In short; thank you for being the fuel for my growth. You gave, and still give, me wings!

Christel Opstal

Coach and expert, Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)


A few years ago, some people told me I should get an IQ test to see if I was gifted. What they didn't know is that I had already done a test some time ago, and already knew the answer. I just ignored the result. I had no idea what to do with that info. I was too busy trying to survive.


I often found myself stuck in pointless discussions at work, was bored, or perceived by my surroundings as negative and pessimistic. I didn't get why no one understood that I wasn't trying to be negative, I just wanted to share my point of view or discuss the impacts of certain decisions I could already foresee. Not because I wanted to correct people, but because I often look at things from a different angle.

I was constantly trying to adapt myself to the way my colleagues were, because I was often the only divergent thinker. And if I was always the only one with a different take, surely I couldn't be right? I couldn't get myself to be like everyone else, so I came to the conclusion that I must be dumb. I was deeply unhappy. Zero connection with those around me, my work was far below my capacities and skill level, I was bored and beyond exhausted. 


But then, a friend forwarded me the link to one of Simone's masterclasses, telling me to sign up for it. I followed her advice but thought to myself: 'I'm probably not going to get much out of this'.  

The moment that I first heard Simone speak, I remember so vividly as if it were only yesterday: her sentences and word choice were exactly like mine, and I had never encountered that before. With increasing shock, I stared at my screen and was hooked. Afterwards, I contacted Simone to start 1-1 coaching, because she spoke my language. Thanks to our conversations and her assignments, a shift occurred in my thinking and I got to know a side of myself that I had previously always denied.

Nowadays, 2 years after all this happened, my insights from Simone's coaching continue to serve me. I feel lighter, laugh more at myself, can put things into perspective, and finally understand that my way of thinking and being is indeed different from that of others, and that is totally okay. I have entered a new path which has led me towards better career choices and I am step by step changing my entire life. I deserve a life in which I can fully be myself, connect with others without losing myself, and feel appreciated for my divergent thinking. 


All of these changes were set in motion by the conversations with Simone, who has shown me a different side of my reality, and who has completely changed the way I see myself - in the best way possible. 


Project Manager at a large governmental organisation

"Since one of my children was identified as gifted and I struggled with a burn-out/bore-out, I started to wonder whether there was a chance that I could be gifted as well. I already devoured a lot of literature and could recognize the characteristics of giftedness in myself; however, it was hard to accept it (partly due to the loaded meaning of the word gifted).

After following one of Simone’s masterclasses, I decided to work with her 1-on1 to regain my self-confidence and to find a meaningful purpose in life. During the sessions, we discussed themes like self-esteem, procrastination, imposter syndrome, inner critic, and more. We also worked on creating a life vision that resonates with me. She helped me realize that all the little pieces did fit into one big puzzle. Through her coaching, I was mirrored in a way that I often miss in daily life. This resulted in being able to voice and share my opinions freely. Her insightful feedback helped me to dive deeper into my interests and sharpen my communication skills to create more coherent ideas."

Nathalie de Vos

Former pro-athlete and life-long learner

"Silent and frozen like ice in the light,

the water melted along with its heavy weight.

As I stood there motionless amidst the water flow,

Simone noticed my stuckness and moved me deeply,

gave me air and thrilled me.

She saw my true size, despite my efforts to appear small,

which touched me to the bottom of my heart,

where I saw inspiration beginning to sprout."

Diana Harks

HSP (High Sensitivity) and Giftedness Expert

I came across Simone feeling stuck and left without any dreams or goals after those horrible "corona years". I also lived through a few personal events that left me uninspired and almost depressed. So, I decided to take a Deep Dive in the hope it would put things into motion. In 1,5 hour, we talked amongst others about an ideal world and my limiting convictions.

Simone has a way of asking questions no one else asks and makes remarks that really make you think differently. For example, I had to answer my own limiting thoughts such as "who am I to want this", "what do I have to offer anyway", etc. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and unsure about myself, answering these questions in a positive way and writing them down as a reminder of my talents and giftedness, has helped me stay on track since.

The 1-1 Deep Dive gently pushed me into action and since our coaching session, I didn't fall back into my passive state of mind and overthinking every single decision I had to take. Instead, I started DOING stuff and just seeing where it brings me. I'm not there yet, but this is a great start!


Sarina Uilenberg

Photographer and idealist

"Simone is sharp, non-judgmental and great at listening between the lines. Thanks to her practical approach I felt supported not just during the sessions, but also in-between sessions as I began to consciously implement new habits. Simone turns challenges that seem large and overwhelming into simple and manageable ones, without sacrificing depth."

Emma Stoks

Entrepreneur, speaker, and founder of It's Your College

"Simone is a kind and extraordinarily intuitive coach who, with her endless patience, has given me the structure and space to take the next steps in my journey of personal growth.


With her expertise and concrete tools, Simone enabled me to see my challenges in a new light. I'm so grateful for the insights I've gained about how giftedness impacts my life.


Thanks to coaching, my life has improved radically. I'd highly recommend you to embark on this journey. I can't even begin to explain how much this has helped me!"


Software Engineer, podcaster, founder of an online educational platform

"Thanks to coaching, I've learnt to think differently, and more imaginatively, about my own abilities and what's possible for me. Through her patient and empathic guidance, Simone has given me the space, trust, and tools to take on new challenges that I didn't think were possible before. 

I've since started to apply my new skills and insights. As a result of this, I'm now doing things that, a year ago, I would've never even dared to dream of. Simone encouraged me and helped me apply to my dream job, something I never thought I'd get. And guess what? They offered me a position! I'm so grateful for Simone's inspiring coaching and the world of possibilities she has introduced me to."


Figure skater, psychologist

"Before starting coaching with Simone, I questioned my giftedness a lot. I didn't know how to deal with this. The sessions helped me realize why I've often felt demotivated and restless. Simone is a great listener who offered me concrete tools and assignments to work with in-between the sessions.


For the first time in years, I feel seen again. Thanks to coaching, I've become a lot more self-confident."


Police Academy

"Simone has helped me to develop more self-knowledge and awareness. This has a positive impact on my studies and work.


Thanks to these new insights into how my giftedness led to difficulties in my job, I am now able to avoid miscommunications with colleagues. I've really improved my ability to collaborate with others constructively and comfortably."


PhD Researcher

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