Ready to take the plunge
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Inner Rebel

Three ways to work with me:


A mastermind is a selective, hand-picked group of people committed to accomplishing their biggest go-getter goals. This program is for those who seek high-level peer support, along with group coaching, individual guidance, and teaching. I expertly facilitate your growth process within a group setting.

Masterminds come together for 10-12 months. Admittance is by application only.

1-1 coaching

1-1 coaching, or private coaching, is completely tailored to your needs, wants, and desires. This option is meant for those who desire the intimacy, depth and challenge that come with private coaching. Program options: 

- 3 month Program

- 6 month Program

- Prodigy Program: year-long coaching and close mentorship. Only 2-3 spots per year.

There is an application process for the Prodigy Program.

The Journey

The Journey is a six-month group program is designed for people who recently discovered that they are gifted, are still in the process of 'figuring it out', and/or are looking for ways to give giftedness a place in their life. In this program, we go on a discovery journey together, to explore what giftedness is and how it impacts the many different dimensions of your life, career and identity.


There is an intake process to make sure you are the right fit for the group, but there are no pre-requirements.

More information will follow soon.


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