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Do you know that feeling?

Do you know that feeling of staring at a page you're supposed to read, and having to start over and over again. Your eyes are moving across the page, but the words aren't reaching your brain.

Do you know that feeling of being in a meeting, but zoning out almost as soon as someone starts speaking, and hearing only 20% of what's being said?

Do you know that feeling of being both lethargic AND restless at the same time? Like, not being able to get up and do something, but simultaneously having so much irritated energy inside of you that you're dying to move?

Do you know that feeling of having a full agenda but being bored out of your mind? So much work to get done, but none of it actually gets done, because you just can't bring yourself to do it?

Do you know that feeling of being in a constant mode of overdrive, overwhelmed by all the things you're doing? So much input, but such little time to process it. Like you're opening up one tab after another on your 'inner browser', but you can't seem to find how to close them. So they just keep piling up.

Do you know that feeling of not knowing what you need: more activities, more information, more experiences, more books, and more conversations... Or whether you actually need to spend less time doing and consuming?

As a gifted person, chances are you relate to at least a few of these situations. And these situations have everything to do with levels of under- and overstimulation. One of the trickier bits to do with giftedness is that we're more prone than neurotypical people to lose our sense of balance, and to experience either of these two extreme states. Sometimes, we even experience both the opposites at once!

Besides outer stimuli reaching us, like sounds, sights, smells, conversations, textures, and other people's energies we pick up on, we also have all these inner things stimulating our brains. Things like: floods of thoughts, complex feelings, project ideas, associations, memories, and daydreams.

There's A LOT coming our way, all the time.

And often, we ourselves are the biggest cause of our own overstimulation!

I'm giving a workshop called 'SWEET SPOT' to help you discover where you are currently feeling out of balance, and what you can do to find your 'sweet spot'. You know, that place right between under- and overstimulation. That place of balance, of feeling engaged without feeling overwhelmed...

It exists, I promise. But it can be hard to find, and even harder to maintain it once you've found it.

This workshop will not be a lecture explaining you theory, but a hands-on session in which I help you assess what to do more of in your everyday life, and what to do less of, or even quit altogether. You'll walk away with new insights and practical tools you can apply to your life to feel more balanced.

And good news... There will be a replay link! So even if you cannot be there live, you'll be able to go through the workshop at your own time later. There are just a few tickets left at this point.

Hope to see you there! Let's rise and rebel together...



What? 'SWEET SPOT' workshop

When? Saturday 12 November, 2 pm CET

Where? Online, via Zoom

Replay? YES! (limited time)

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