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Celebrate your gifts!

The Smart Rebel community is growing, and that's something that fills me with joy. Every week, I receive messages from people telling me how my posts on social media and my email blogs are helping them to learn more about giftedness and how to embrace it. Reading such messages always gives me the chills, because it reaffirms the reason behind everything I do: to serve you as deeply as possible, to help you grow your confidence as a gifted person, and to support you in taking action and turning your wildest dreams into reality.

To be gifted, is such a marvellous gift. You may have heard me say this before, and I will keep saying this whenever possible: "giftedness is a gift".

When someone gives you a gift, you don't push it away, leave it unopened, or just hide it in a dusty corner of your storage closet, do you? So let's not do that with our giftedness either. Instead, let's approach it with a childlike curiosity: let's honor and cherish it, let's unpack our gifts, play with them, have fun with them.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember that I promised to organise a free event when we passed the '500 followers' milestone. We're currently already approaching 600 of us on there, so it's about time we celebrate!

So that's what the next Smart Rebel event will be all about:

Celebrating our gifts.

And you're invited...

If you could use a reminder of how fun it is to be gifted, please come along. If you have been focused a lot on the challenges but not so much on the joys of giftedness, then do join. If you are in need of some inspiration and a boost of positivity, then don't miss out on this event. What you can expect? I'll give a personal talk on why giftedness is the best gift I have ever received. I'll help you to cherish and celebrate your own giftedness - especially if you've been wondering lately if there's anything to celebrate at all - and build the confidence to share this with others. You'll also get a chance to meet other gifted people, and perhaps make some meaningful connections within our community along the way :) What: 'Celebrate your gifts!' The Smart Rebel event When: Wednesday December 7th, 8 - 9.30 pm (CET / Amsterdam time zone) Where: Online via Zoom Cost: Free! Register: Via the 'events' page on the website

Please note: There will NOT be a replay for this. It's all about showing up live in the moment, and celebrating together. Also... Festive outfits and drinks are encouraged! ;) Hope to see you there!

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