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You're the author of your life story

Yesterday I went out for lunch with my neighbors here in Bali, a lovely couple, who are both interested in education as well. We quickly entered into a deep conversation, in which I openly shared a lot about my life, my business, and my vision as a coach committed to helping gifted souls truly thrive. While I usually tend to listen more than speak, this time I found myself firmly on the talking chair. My neighbors wanted my input on some of the projects they're developing, so it wasn't long before I entered into an inspired flow.

"I'm writing as we speak"

After sharing about my own struggles in the education system, the countless lives I've lived during my 27 years on this planet, and after channeling the wisdom I felt bubbling up from within throughout the conversation, one of my neighbors said: 'You should write a book'.

I laughed it off saying, 'Oh yes, one day I definitely will. When I'm old and I can look back at my life.'

But he replied: 'Why wait? It's like you've already lived a 1000 lives. You're filled to the brim with stories. So share them. Make a series of books'.

I liked what he said and shared that it's not the first time someone's told me this. On several occasions, people have asked me when they can expect my autobiography.

Now, I'm not sharing this snippet of conversation to announce a book deal to you (just yet... I mean, who knows right?). I mostly want to tell you about the part that came after, where I said: 'You know what? I'm constantly writing my story. Here and now. Not behind my laptop, but out here, in the real world. I'm writing as we speak.'

This is a deep truth for me. I see my life as a work of art. As a beautiful story in full swing.

Life doesn't accidentally happen to me. I purposefully write it into existence.

Of course, we cannot control everything in life. And I don't think life would be even remotely as exciting if that would be the case. But that doesn't mean that we cannot take an active part in writing our own story.

My life as a page-turner

I want my story to be about joy. About wisdom. About service. I want it to be filled with narratives about a gifted woman who lives many exciting adventures all over the world and who shares her talents wherever and with whomever she can. I want it to be a book full of learning, full of life lessons. I want it to be captivating, passionate, and everything but boring.

I want my life to be a page-turner you can't possibly put down.

And I love a good plot twist. I hate it when I can already predict what'll happen next when I'm watching a movie or reading a book. So why would I want my own story to be like that? I take pride in managing to surprise myself with unexpected plot twists around every corner.

More concretely, those plot twists look like trying to become a sailor even when I'm prone to sea sickness; starting a PhD in Polar Studies, when I don't know a thing about natural sciences; and moving to Bali, although I decided that just 2 weeks before boarding the plane.

I look at the people in my life as characters in a book: some accompany me on my journey for the full way, others will make appearances in smaller sections. I look at my life phases as chapters: each comes with a different theme. I look at my own personal development as that of a fictional character, and how her emotions may develop, her dreams may grow, her fears may fade.

I want my story to be entertaining and educational. By living like this, I want to serve not just myself, but also a community of other gifted souls seeking their own path in life. This way, I author my own life into a book I would love to read. Over and over again.

It's what keeps me on track. It's what keeps me from choosing comfort and convenience over adventure and risk. Eg. I could have easily gotten a secure job at a top consultancy firm and made tons of easy money; but instead I'm out here following my calling to coach as a self-taught entrepreneur. It's what helps me follow through when I realize I've outgrown a friendship and need to seek out new company. It's what helps me understand when to make room for romance, or throw some action into the jam.


What kind of story are you writing? What do you want your life to be about? What are its major recurring themes, what is the plot like, how would you describe the main character (you) and the development s/he goes through? What other characters populate this plot? Which chapter are you currently writing and how does it differ from the previous one and the next one? What are the values underpinning its core structure? And what's missing?

If you were to read a book with your own life story in it, how would you want it to make you feel?

You have lived though quite a few chapters already. Perhaps you've not just lived your story so far but more than anything survived it.

But you also still have quite a few chapters to go. So you better acquaint yourself with this double role of the author-star of your own story. What will you write into existence next?

Masterclass STORYTIME

Stories are the main theme of my upcoming masterclass STORYTIME. The date has been moved, and the event will now be taking place on Saturday 4th of June (10 am Dutch time).

In this Masterclass you'll learn how to take up your seat as the author of your own life. You'll gain insight into how you've been sabotaging your own happiness and success by telling yourself the wrong stories about who you are and what you're (not) capable of. You'll discover what it takes to break free from the stories that have kept you smaller than your true size. In 3 steps, I'll teach you how to change the narrative and start living the Big, Bright and Beautiful life you deserve.

More than half of available tickets have already been sold. Students get a 50% discount.

If you can't attend the event live, do not despair. Everyone who signs up will receive access to the replay. I don't do these masterclasses often and I'm not sure if I'll do this particular event again any time soon. So don't miss this opportunity. Hope to see you there!

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