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When the ideas won't stop coming...

I went for a quick 30 minute walk yesterday, to take a break from work. It was meant to clear my head, but instead, it filled it with new ideas and inspiration.

I crossed a bridge I cross almost daily, and it was very busy with ‘punters’ - typical Cambridge boats you push with a long stick 🛶 I wanted to capture some of the busyness, and played around with my camera’s zoom.

30 mins later, I was still on that bridge, fascinated by this vantage point on different groups of people, seeing families pass by, friend groups, bachelorette parties, couples, colleagues….

Punters in Cambridge

The visuals brought about a new rush of inspiration and creative ideas for projects I do not currently have the time for. And in a way that is tragic. Because I get ideas all the time. Most of them, I cannot do anything about.

But instead of feeling stressed or sad, I try to enjoy the moment of the ideas flooding in, without any pressure to develop or execute them.

As a gifted person, you’ll get these moments all the time. You’re never short on ideas.But rather than feeling responsible for turning the idea into something tangible, you can also choose to enjoy this abundance. Value the inspiration for what it is.

There’s so much richness in those moments.

Our brains have this unlimited reserve of ideas.

We can tap into that whenever we want,

without an obligation to have to do so.

Lean into the feeling of inspiration when it comes. Soak it up. Notice how it energizes you, lightens you up, fuels your flame.

And then, let it go.

No need to get attached.

No need to turn ‘want to’s’ into ‘have to’s’.

Sometimes an idea will remain just that: an idea.

And that’s totally ok.

A view of the river Cam

Ps. The bridge you see in the above image, is the one I was stood on yesterday. Cambridge is incredibly picturesque!

Curious about the videos I took of the punters? Follow me on Instagram @thesmartrebel_

I post reflections, advice, reminders, and podcast clips there - all content meant to help you thrive on your journey as a gifted person.

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