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Sensitivity and Sensuality

Last weekend I went to my first ever dance congress. This is an event of multiple days where people come together from afar to take classes with world-renowned teachers and practice their moves on the dance floor until dawn.

I was rather nervous. The whole congress was dedicated to Kizomba dance, which I only got introduced to 2 months ago. I'm very much a newbie. But more than anything, I was eager to learn as much as I could.

And boy, did I learn. I doubt there was anyone participating as intensively as me at that congress. I was there from 10 am, taking all the classes I could, and stayed on for the afternoon socials as well as the parties that lasted all night long (usually, people will skip the classes and come only to the socials/parties, or take breaks in between, but not me...).

I set a new personal record: I danced for 16 hours a day, two days in a row. I slept just 2 hours in between. I had no idea I was physically capable of such a feat, but here we are!

Here's a selfie I took at 5.45 am, just before sunrise. I was on my way back to the AirBnB, after spending the full day dancing.


As an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), I have found that sensitivity and sensuality come hand in hand. In a partnered dance like Kizomba, which is all about closeness and subtlety of movement, I get to experience and enjoy the nuances of feelings and sensations in depth. Unlike at salsa or bachata socials, where you typically switch partners after every song, in Kizomba, you tend to spend a much longer time with a partner. Which meant that I got to really feel into the other person's energy, and develop a private conversation - through movement - with that person in a way that was tailored just to us. The connection I experienced with a few of the people I danced with was out of this world. There were times where I truly felt like I was being transported to another dimension, in a total state of trance. I forgot about everything and everyone around me, and I was completely absorbed in the present moment. It felt divine. Multiple times, I was told: 'wow, I love your sensitivity!' or, 'The matching of our energies seems so effortless'. And so, I discovered yet another beautiful aspect of being HSP: thanks to being so highly sensitive, I get to experience dances that shake me to my core, transport me to other worlds, make me float in complete bliss, and create an intimate connection with strangers by communicating solely through the subtlest of movements. I kept thinking: 'Oh, how marvelous that I get to live life like this! How wonderful that these deep experiences and sensations are available to me. Thank god I am the way I am, I wouldn't want it any other way.' I was so happy I could cry. Blessedly blissful. Blissfully blessed.


MAY MASTERCLASS - This Saturday (27th May)

Want to learn more about HSP, and how you can thrive in life as a highly sensitive person? I am giving a Masterclass this Saturday, the 27th of May, on how to navigate your sensitivity and make the most of it.

You've got just today left to buy your ticket.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • What is HSP, and how is it connected to giftedness

  • Whether you are a low, or high sensation seeker

  • How to navigate the main challenges HSP people experience, such as overwhelm, overstimulation, and being misunderstood

  • Practical tips and tools you can use to improve your day-to-day life with ease and noticeable results

  • How to turn your sensitivity into your superpower, and a source of zest for life

You'll get a chance to ask me any questions you have, and get coached by me personally, to help you own your sensitivity and open your eyes to all the beautiful things it can bring you.

This Masterclass will be as inspiring as it will be informative. So join me and a group of other gifted, sensitive souls in this experience.

Can't make it live? No stress: you will receive a replay link so you won't have to miss a thing.

Hope to see you tomorow!

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