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Permission to be multi-passionate

I recently got into a new hobby. Like big time into it.

It's Afro-Latin dancing! Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba... I'm learning them all at the moment. The dancing scene here in Cambridge is surprisingly lively, with classes happening every day of the week. And I've been indulging myself completely. For I'm currently averaging between 15-20 hours a week of classes and socials (dance parties where you change partners after every song). It's basically a part-time job I now have on the side ;)

I feel like a total dance addict: I am literally counting the hours until the next time I get to dance again. My Instagram feed is now dominated by dance videos. I already booked tickets for my first ever international 'dance congress'. As I am planning some trips abroad for later his month, I am now that person who looks up where the salsa clubs are at. So I'm not kidding when I say I'm big time into it. And this new hobby is a very new one: just over two months of complete infatuation, to be precise.

This sudden explosion of passion is not untypical for me. My family and friends know this. They'll make fun of me for it, because 2 years ago, it was playing the drums (yes, I very nearly purchased a drum kit at the time! Luckily for the neighbors, it never got to that). A year ago, it was scuba diving. And now it's partnered dancing.

You never know what you're gonna get with me.

I constantly surprise people, myself included.

I go through phases where I get completely hooked on a new interest or hobby. I get so passionate about this thing that I want to learn it all, purchase all the equipment (like proper dancing shoes and pretty salsa outfits, for example), and at some point I'll probably play with the idea of turning my entire career around, so that I can do even more of this hobby I'm so in love with.

The thing is, I never know how long these 'obsessions' will last. This new hobby may stay with me my entire life. Or it may be a short love affair that passes with a few months (sometimes weeks even).

People may judge me for it, always picking something new... Being 'random', and 'all over the place'. Moving on to the next thing before I've properly mastered the previous skill. Starting new projects before old ones are completed... Chances are, you are familiar with this too. For I frequently get asked by clients how they can become more 'consistent'.

My answer to this question? Your multi-passionate nature is not a problem that needs to be 'fixed'. Just let others think whatever they want, and instead, have fun playing around! Fall in love with that new passion, learn everything about it that you can, as quickly as you want. And if you happen to lose interest after a while? No problem. Just move on. Pick the next thing that tickles your fancy. Fall in love all over again. And enjoy the affair while it lasts. Live in the moment, enjoy the happiness it brings you.

You don't need to commit. You don't need to pick one thing and stick with it. Not all hobbies need to last a lifetime. You can change whenever you feel like it.

My advice for you

Stop calling yourself unreliable, disloyal, or inconsistent. Instead, see yourself in a more positive light. Because this hunger for new challenges? This unstoppable enthusiasm? This ability to get carried away by new passions? It's all part of being gifted. And it's definitely one of the cool parts, if you ask me. To others, I may well come across as someone who just can't 'make up her mind'. The truth is, that I don't want to make up my mind to begin with. I don't want to settle on a limited set of interests. What I want, is complete freedom to follow my ever-changing heart's desires. And right now, I'm consumed by the desire to dance my butt off as much as I can. What about you? What's your current desire? What's that new thing you've been wanting to give a try? You have my full permission to be multi-passionate, and skip from one interest to the next. Now, all you need to do is give yourself that permission too. And have fun along the way, of course!

PS. Want to learn more?

I've got a wealth of free resources waiting for you to be explored.

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  • Read my blogs here on the website. With over 30 pieces of writing.

Aaand.. If you want to work with me directly, a new opportunity may be on the horizon: I'm thinking of creating a short-term group coaching program. Intimate group size, in the month of June, focused on enjoying giftedness more, having more fun, and being more playful. Haven't decided yet - I first want to see who may want to join. Register your interest in the Google Form below, and I'll keep you up to date.

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