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How to build a career as a gifted multipotentialite

Happy July! A new month has started today. I can't believe we're already midway through 2024 again. If you don't pay attention, time will pass you by...


I've been experimenting with new forms of managing a life that contains so many different careers, as well as with new ways to increase my productivity. With striking results! I will tell you more about this after I come back from my summer break, which starts in 2 days. Because guess what? Taking time off, and really resting, is just as much part of being productive as doing the hard work. In fact, one of the ways in which I have been able to get more done, is by decreasing the amount of hours I spend working. Isn't that fascinating? I promise I'll tell you more about this when I get back...


One year ago today, I was busy getting my training in place before leaving to the polar regions to start working as an expedition guide aboard ships. It's safe to say that the past year, July 2023 - June 2024, has been one of the wildest and most epic years of my life yet.


Truth be told, I think I have said that about every year for the past 10 years! But life just keeps surprising me. There's such an abundance of opportunities to grow, change and evolve. I am here for every bit of it. The only predictable thing about me is that I will continually live life in unpredictable ways. Though I must confess, it is hard to imagine how I could ever create an experience even more epic than being a tour guide in the Arctic and Antarctica.


I guess we'll have to see what I come up with next! This type of uncertainty used to give me anxiety about the future. But these days, it only makes me more excited with anticipation for the unknown that is yet to come.

Simone (the author) as a guide in Greenland

And that leads me to my invitation to you: if you're anything like me, you have lots of interests and passions, yet no clear path forward that you can stick with your entire life. Boredom is something you fear, and your constant influx of new ideas, paired with endless drive, make it impossible to be content with repeating one thing over and over again.


And that can feel scary. I know that all too well, from experience! And I also know from watching my clients make life-altering decisions, like quitting jobs, changing tack in their career, and starting their own businesses.


But rather than focusing on the stress or fear that may come with that, try to see if you can focus on the excitement of it all. The future is yet to be determined, those pages of your book are still unwritten, and YOU get to fill them with new stories and characters and plots.


How exciting is that?!


Want to hear more about how to build a career as a gifted "multipotentialite"? Listen to episode 17 of The Smart Rebel Podcast. I help Kelly figure out how to stop feeling like she should pick one career path only, and instead design a multitrack path for herself.

Simply search for 'The Smart Rebel' on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, and you'll find a wealth of real and raw coaching conversations with gifted people from around the world. Find out more here:

Ps. quick summer update: I am about to embark on some new travels... In one week from now, I will be on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, for a family adventure. I will be gone for all of July, but back in Cambridge again in August. I will still be checking emails, though my response time may be a bit slower.


Have a great July!

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