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Damn. Who is that?

I was looking through my phone at the videos and photos I took in 2022, and could barely believe my eyes. Was this actually my life, this past year? Is that really me there, on the back of that motorbike in the Balinese jungle? Could that truly be me, swimming in a private pool next to a beautiful villa? How is she me, that woman skinny dipping in the Croatian sea? What about that woman sipping cocktails on Singapore rooftops? That woman, staring right into the eyes of a shark at 30 meters deep? And what about that person, sitting at that desk at Cambridge's Polar Institute, writing about Antarctica? That person who got invited to write a book by a prestigious publisher. That woman with a killer pose on the cover of a magazine, featured as one of The Netherlands' top talents? Who is she? Who is that strange human being dancing in the storm, screaming her desires into the wind? Who is that woman dancing barefoot and braless amidst the rice fields, mud between her toes. Holding up her face to feel the tropical rain caress her skin. Mouth open, arms wide, heart light. That woman floating on her back, all alone, in the midst of night, gazing up at the stars above her, crying in complete awe. That woman squeezing herself through tight underground caves, laughing uncontrollably. That woman twirling in the snow, amidst centuries-old buildings, taking selfies with snowmen. That woman who, from wherever she was in the world, propped up her laptop on whatever she could find, to lead workshops and coach people who, like her, want to live their life on their own terms. Freely, intelligently, joyfully, rebelliously. That woman who spent countless hours dancing to celebrate the successes of her clients, who transformed their lives as a result of deep, powerful coaching. Who is she? Damn. Someone, give me her number. Because I need to know how she does it ;)

It's the most incredible feeling in the world, to zoom out and look at yourself from a distance, and be able to think: DAMN, that's ME? For real?! I can only look at my own life and desire to be that person. I want to be myself, so badly. I want to be that very person I just described. Living the kind of life she lives. Feel all that intensity with which she lives. All that explosive joy. All that dancing, singing, crying, dreaming, philosophizing, searching, finding, losing, and rediscovering. I am literally living my dream. Anything and everything is possible. It's surreal beyond words.


Sometimes seeing someone so happy, so in love with themselves and the life they've created, can be triggering. I understand that deeply, because I've been there. Looking at what other people have and envying them... Wondering how they can be so happy all the time... I'd start to think it must be fake, or I'd look for a reason to start disliking the person. But anytime something triggers you, it's a sign to go deeper within. Why does it trigger you to see someone else being in love, successful, or radiating joy? What insecurities are coming up for you when that happens? And why do you think that you cannot experience those things?

Because let me tell you a secret: I am just as human as you are. I am not just 'lucky' all the time. Things don't 'magically' work out for me. I've had many people ask me why it is that anything I touch 'turns into gold'?

I am not a witch. Not a magician. Not an alchemist. Not some supernatural being. Instead, I am someone who's worked so hard on their self-esteem that they truly believe that they deserve all the happiness, joy, and success in the world. I am someone who's invested time, money, and energy into doing the inner work. Into unlearning self-sabotaging patterns, and relearning how to be playful like a child, ambitious like a top-CEO, and determined like a bull. I dream big. So big it takes my breath away. I act intentionally. So much so that purpose is part of everything I do. I move strategically. So that the steps I take help turn my dreams into reality. That's all there is to it. And it's available for you too, I promise.


As a coach, I lead by example. I practice what I preach. I coach gifted adults who want to thrive in life. So I make it a priority to firstly thrive in life myself. For I believe that I can only take people where I've been myself. I need the lived experience to back up the conceptual ideas (and I'm sceptical of coaches who don't do that). I coach highly intelligent people who are polymaths that don't want to be limited by only one career path, passion, or specialism. So, I make sure I am doing all the things myself too. I will never be a full-time coach. I will always be a ton of other things too (a researcher, scholar, poet, musician, writer, artist, etc). I coach talented, driven, ambitious, sensitive, and intense human beings who know deep down inside that they're destined for more. They know they're meant to make a mark in this world, and impact others with their wisdom and light. How could I possibly do this work if I don't do this myself first?


I'd want nothing more than for you to be able to look back on December 31st of 2023, and say: DAMN, that's me? For real?! I want you to look at your own life and desire to be that person. I want you to want to be yourself, so badly. I want you to, in a year from now, be able to reflect on the year you just had, and tell me: Simone, I cannot believe my life. I cannot believe I get to experience so much fulfillment, so much joy, so much success. I want you to feel in love with yourself, and turned on by the life you've created for yourself, in a way that feels surreal, otherworldly. So if you'd like me to help you get there, reach out. Perhaps now is the time for you to stop waiting, and start creating. Perhaps now is the time to finally stop playing small. Perhaps now, at the start of 2023, is the time for you to decide to go fully in on your aspirations and desires. You're worth investing in. Your gifts and talents deserve to be put to use, and find their expression in this world. Yes. YOU. I am talking to YOU. Remember, I'm not different from you. I am not some superhuman being. You too can thrive in life, just as much as I can. Stop coming up with excuses as to why you couldn't have everything you ever wanted. All you need to do at this point is to get out of your own way. Commit. Leap. Go fully in. All the way.


Ps. When you're ready, here's how you can work with me: - One-to-one coaching. If you want to commit, leap, and go fully on on your own dream life and career, this is the way to go. The results you get from working with me mid/long-term, are incomparable to any other form of support. I have new spaces opening up late January / early February. More info here. Reply to this email and we'll chat about your needs.

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