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Back from Antarctica! & Upcoming events

Time to break the radio silence... For I am back from Antarctica!


It's been a while since you last received a Smart Rebel email. In fact, my last email was sent in October, right before I embarked on my first trip to the White Continent. Since then, I have made 7 trips down south, by ship, visiting some of the world's remotest regions including the Antarctic Peninsula, The Falkland Islands/Malvinas, South Georgia, and Chilean Patagonia.


I came back a couple of weeks ago from what I can only describe as one of the most incredible, unreal, heavenly experiences of my life. A place that consisted only of black, white, and a rich palette of blues. An otherworldly world in which my daily life consisted of driving boats through the ice, circumnavigating gigantic icebergs bigger than the city of London, watching whales dive right underneath me, and listening to the chaotic cacophony of penguin colonies perched on rocky hill tops.


I have fulfilled the biggest ambition I carried with me for the past 10 years: to work in Antarctica, in whatever form or capacity I could make this happen. And my jobs down there ended up taking various shapes indeed, from PhD researcher to zodiac driver, and from historian/lecturer to field scientist.


As you can imagine, I have many stories to share. And even more importantly, a wealth of key insights around giftedness and life/career design, which I hope will serve you too. So now that I have regained access to the internet, and finally have land under my feet again, you can look forward to regularly receiving new Smart Rebel newsletters once again.


To kick off this 'come-back', I am diving straight into the biggest event on the 'giftedness calendar' in the Netherlands and Belgium: the annual national Week of Giftedness ( If you speak Dutch, and/or are based in the Netherlands, I highly recommend checking this out. Be warned though, the list of events is endless... And rather overwhelming. So take care in selecting which events to attend. Here's what I will be offering:


Masterclass: Zó stop je met zelfsabotage (Dutch-spoken)

9 March, 10 - 11.30 am CET. Book here.

One of my most valuable masterclasses, where you'll learn about the ways in which gifted people often sabotage their own success, and what you can do to unblock yourself and take back control of your future. Be warned: previous participants have told me this one is particularly intense, and at times confronting. Like a wake-up call, but in the best possible way. This session is all about the essential mindset work that underlies transformational success.


EARLY BIRD TICKETS: out now for 24 hours only. Replay available.


Masterclass: From Imposter Syndrome to unstoppable (English-spoken)

16 March, 10 am - 11.30 am CET. Book here.

I will be pulling back the curtains to show you exactly how I design my own life and how I have made my biggest accomplishments happen. This is where I show you the raw, unfiltered reality of what it's like to become what I like to call a 'gifted go-getter'. Especially for those of you struggling with imposter syndrome and never feeling good/ready enough, this masterclass will change your perspective. This session is all about strategy and making sh*t happen.


EARLY BIRD TICKETS: out now for 24 hours only. Replay available.


Free 1-1 coaching session (recorded for the podcast)

Slots available every day between 9 - 17 March. Book here.

Bring me any question, challenge, dilemma, doubt, or problem. We'll work through it together, with some seriously deep coaching. You'll come out the other end with invaluable insights and clarity about next steps. Please note, these free sessions will be in English and will be recorded for publication on the Smart Rebel podcast (no stress, you will remain anonymous).


Free discovery call (for those considering coaching)

Slots available every day between 9-17 March. Book here.

Interested in coaching? Considering working with me as your coach? Let's meet to discuss your questions and see if we're a good match. Coaching is an investment you need to carefully think through, so during this discovery call, we'll go through your aims and goals and discuss whether my coaching is the right next step for you.


 Hope to see you soon!

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