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Are you ready to play full out?

You know you're gifted and feel that you have this huge potential inside of you.

You can sense it stirring, this potent power. It wants to come out, to be shared with the world, to serve a bigger purpose. It wants to shine and it wants to be seen.

Your biggest fear is to die with all this unfulfilled potential inside of you (sorry for this dark turn, but if you recognize this - I'm with you...). How tragic that would be!

Here's another fact about you: you're good at many things, and have too many interests to count.

Being this 'multi-potential' feels like both a blessing and a curse. Because there's so many things you could be doing, that you don't know how to decide on what to actually do. And so you panic. What to choose? Where to start? Which action to take? You may not even know what it is you actually truly want to do...

The result? You get stuck. You freeze. You start feeling anxious. Frustrated. Angry. Disappointed.

Calling all gifted go-getters

X You are done playing small and holding yourself back X You are sick and tired of waiting for things to change X You are fed up with dumbing yourself down

V You crave a stimulating community V You want to do something meaningful with your gifts V You want to get out there and build your legacy

... if this if you, then I invite you to join my new community of gifted people on this journey to become go-getters. The Gifted Go-Getter Mastermind is a program specifically designed for gifted people who desire to take action, raise their voices, take up space, and produce output. It's for people who are brimming with ideas and innovations, who want to finally put their brilliance out into this world. This program provides you with the environment, support, training, and accountability you need to make things happen. The GGG Mastermind is all about finding your own unique vision, and creating the output to turn your potentiality into actuality. To create. Invent. Produce. Discover. Exhibit. Launch. To reach unimaginable new heights. To go and get what you deserve: a life in which you fully thrive. A life in which you turn those gifts of yours into tangible output. A life of purpose. Of impact. A life fully lived.


- This program requires you to be fully committed. This program is not for the 'maybe's'. It's not for those who'll show up only 'if they feel like it'. There is no room for flakiness. You need to be willing to prioritize the work we do inside GGG, and go full on.

- We're going to take that foot of yours OFF the brakes, and put the other firmly on the GAS pedal. Together, we'll go both Far and Fast (going Furious is optional ;))

- You might just end up achieving goals you currently think are impossible. That's my expertise: turning wild ambitions into reality.


There are currently just 2-3 spots left. If you want to make one of them yours, here's what to do:

Step 1. Reply to this email to register your interest with me

Step 2. I'll send you an intake form, and you submit your CV

Step 3. Enrollment call with me 1-1, to discuss your suitability.

Why is there an application process? Because I'm very selective when it comes to admitting people to the program. To ensure the most powerful and transformative program possible, I make sure that every single individual admitted to the program is fully ready to uplevel, make bold moves, and play full out. That's my quality guarantee.


Email me at to start your application now.

We start in September!

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