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A reminder for your gifted mind

Two weeks ago, during the 'Celebrate your Gifts!' event, we all became rebels. For instead of treating giftedness with shame, with heaviness, and with fear, we celebrated the heck out of our talents and intelligence. The event became one of my favorite ever, with all of us ending up dancing together, sharing with each other what we loved most about being neurodivergent, and raising our glasses to all the blessings that giftedness comes with.

I had crafted a banner for the occasion (see picture below), put on my most sparkly outfit, opened a bottle of wine, and even had a piece of cake on the side! I shared about my own personal journey from deep discomfort around my neurodivergent brain, to coming to see my giftedness as my greatest source of joy. Because while I used to try and dumb down, hide my wittiness, and mute my joy, fearing what others may think of me, I now allow myself to let my thoughts shine, I surround myself with people who are attracted to intelligence, and who enjoy being playful, witty, and silly with me.

While I used to want to change myself and get rid of the things that made me feel so different, I now would no longer trade my giftedness for anything in the world. I now see it as the biggest gift that has ever been bestowed upon me. What a blessing it is, to be able to experience life with such intensity, sensitivity, and drive! What a blessing it is to be able to feel such overpowering joy, such deep sadness, such childlike euphoria, and such beautiful solitude. Truly, all the emotions, the entire spectrum, they are all so worthwhile. One thing we are incredibly good at as gifted souls is this: to live fully, wholeheartedly, genuinely, and authentically. I got emotional when I spoke about this blessing of being gifted. And I got goose bumps all over as I saw faces light up all over my screen. Tears flowing, smiles growing... How wonderful it was to celebrate our way of being with others in this way!

One of the participants, Dyonne Schreurs, wrote a beautiful reflection afterwards. I'm sharing an excerpt of it below with you:

"Yesterday I virtually met Simone Eringfeld who is a breath of fresh air and a true gifted rebel who threw an online party to celebrate one's gifted selves. Usually these events make you zoom in on how to change or improve oneself. Not Simone, she switched things up by calling out a celebration to bask in the light of our gifts. Very refreshing I must say to be able to ruffle up those peacock feathers and not hold back. Simply just to enjoy! She shared her own gifts with lots of sparkle and spoke the same of people that she met with recently that inspired her tremendously with their light and brightness. I loved how she owned up to her own gifts, such as: her capacity of being able to be filled with joy and happiness and not allowing herself to be dulled down or have that precious sense of happiness taken away. She lives her life to the fullest capacity and that's very magnetic, might I add. As a gifted person myself I notice my own tendency for perfectionism or certain character defects that call out for improvement... So not serving me, others, the universe…. Simone's reminder to come out and celebrate. To bask in the light of your gifts if you wish, could not have come at a better time! So thank you Simone for being the unapologetic smart rebel that you are and holding space for our aliveness in order to celebrate the abundance and advantages of our gifts. A gentle reminder: we have the innate capacity to thrive, live abundantly, tap in to our gifts, joy and are capable to access happiness, if and when we allow ourselves...."


So please don't forget: your giftedness is your life source. It's your ticket to a life passionately lived, deeply experienced, and intensely enjoyed. Giftedness is such a marvelous gift. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise... Ps. I have just 1 spot left for the December Deep Dive. Tomorrow and Friday are the final two days of this end-of-year offer. If you want to dive deeply into what you really want for yourself in 2023, and get clear on your goals and priorities for the new year ahead, then this is your chance. There's a 50% discount (!) this month only. The 2 Deep Dives I had this month were both so impactful, so transformational, so emotional... With both people coming out the other side with a regained sense of self, a major confidence boost, and a huge energy surge to start pursuing their most authentic dreams in 2023. I would love to give one more person that experience, and that person could be you! Reply to this email to book this final remaining spot. Don't overthink it. Don't wait until you 'feel ready'. The price will be back up to its usual level in just 2 days' time...

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