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Gifted Go-Getter Mastermind (GGG)

You know you're gifted and feel that you have this huge potential inside of you. 

You can sense it stirring, this potent power. It wants to come out, to be shared with the world, to serve a bigger purpose. It wants to shine and it wants to be seen. 

Your biggest fear is to die with all this unfulfilled potential inside of you (sorry for this dark turn, but if you recognize this - I'm with you...). How tragic that would be!

Here's another fact about you: you're good at many things, and have too many interests to count. 

Being this 'multi-potential' feels like both a blessing and a curse. Because there's so many things you could be doing, that you don't know how to decide on what to actually do.

And so you panic. What to choose? Where to start? Which action to take? You may not even know what it is you actually truly want to do...


The result? You get stuck. You freeze. You start feeling anxious. Frustrated. Angry. Disappointed. 

If you identify with these experiences, I invite you to keep reading.


From Potentiality to Actuality

The Gifted Go-Getter Mastermind is a program specifically designed for gifted people who desire to take action, raise their voices, take up space, and produce output. It's for people who are brimming with ideas and innovations, who want to finally put their brilliance out into this world.

This program provides you with the environment, support, training, and accountability you need to make things happen. To create. Invent. Produce. Discover. Exhibit. Launch. 

This program is about finding your own unique vision, and creating the output to turn your potentiality into actuality.

If you are DONE playing small...

If you are sick and tired of waiting...

If you are fed up with dumbing yourself down... 

If you crave a stimulating community...

If you want to do something meaningful with your gifts...

If you want to get out there and build your legacy...

Then join my new community of gifted people on this journey to become go-getters. This is a one-of-a-kind program that brings together group coaching, teaching,

1-on-1 mentorship, and high-level peer support.


Take it from Aristotle

As our wise friend Aristotle explains it:

Potentiality is matter (inaction), actuality is form. It's the shape we give to our potential (through action). Actuality is the tangible manifestation of fulfilled potentiality. The GGG program is all about taking actions to actualize your potential in the most fulfilling way possible.

This actuality is what I call 'output'. I'm talking serious, real, tangible OUTPUT.

I'm talking about that business you've secretly been designing in your mind, that project you've been wanting to launch, that book you've always wanted to write, that career shift you've been dying to make, that exhibition you're dreaming to create, that YouTube channel that's been on your mind, or that next-level managing position you've been eyeing at your company....


The list of possibilities here is endless. The output you'll produce might be connected to your career, but not necessarily. Passion projects are just as welcome.

And if you find yourself frozen here, with no projects in mind, then you should DEFINITELY consider this program, because we're about to get you from a state of Frozen into Flow.

From Frozen into Flow


But Simone, I don't know what 'output' I want to produce. HELP!

The GGG mastermind is all about taking action. The goal is for you to create output with all that talent you possess, so that it can go out into the world instead of remain trapped inside of you. 

What that output will be is something you don't have to worry about right now. Because you're probably not yet able to answer that question. And if it's a question that freaks you out, welcome to the club!


If you do have an answer ready, this will likely change. Why? Because you're not thinking BIG enough. 

Let's Go Get that Flow


This program runs for the entire length of the academic year. We start in September 2023, and finish in June 2024. This duration is necessary, because you'll need time to develop your vision, overcome mindset hurdles, and start implementing action.

We'll typically have one meeting every 2 weeks. These meetings will last between 60 - 90 minutes. There are different kinds of meetings (see 'What's Included'). 

You're expected to attend as many sessions as possible, to ensure both you and the entire group have the best possible experience. 

All meetings will be hosted on Zoom. 


I'll be expertly guiding you through every step of this process, from developing your high-level vision and overarching purpose all the way down to the nitty-gritty details of how to put your ideas into practice. We'll work on the mindsets, visions, strategies, skills, attitudes, and actions you need to get to where you want to go.


Monthly Accountability sessions

Monthly Booster sessions

1-1 sessions that you can book in whenever you need that support (2 in total)

Access to a private Facebook group for 24/7 peer support

Accountability sessions: These form a core part of the program, and serve to make sure you don't slack. You'll regularly report to the group about your progress and your challenges, and you'll have the opportunity to receive feedback and suggestions from your peers (aka. proper masterminding).

* Accountability sessions are all about peer-support, brainstorming and masterminding.

Booster sessions: These sessions are where you learn new skills, strategies and mindsets that will boost your growth. We cover topics ranging from overcoming perfectionism and imposter syndrome, all the way to how to communicate strategically to get to where you need to go, how to produce an effective pitch, how to network efficiently, and how to get featured in the media. 

 * Booster sessions are a mix of teaching and group coaching, all led by me. 

1-on-1 sessions: these are a whole vibe of their own, and a coaching experience unlike any other. This is where you get my undivided attention and where we really go deep into your individual struggles, mindset blocks, and aspirations. They are perfect for when you need extra inspiration, to get unstuck, or receive more clarity. 

Private Voxer Channel: This will be a key part of your continuous support system. You'll have 24/7 access to the group, where you can pose questions, share reflections, ask for help, or receive some much-needed input. The group will be moderated.


- You just found out you're gifted and you mainly want to learn more about what giftedness is (in that case, check out my 1-on-1 programs or The Journey).

- You want to talk, ponder, and reflect, but not take action. This program is not about conceptualizing, but about putting your ideas into practice.

- You're not ready to get challenged and to go out of your comfort zone. Just a heads-up: this program will require you to do lots of scary stuff!

- You're not fully committed to giving this program your all, 100%. This program is not for everyone. It's a year-long commitment, and it is a requirement to show up consistently. That's how you'll get the results. NOT with a 'I'll see if I feel like it' or 'Maybe next month' mentality. 


- This program is not just a financial investment into your own future, it also requires you to invest time and energy. You need to be willing to prioritize the work we do inside GGG, and go full on.

- We're going to take that foot of yours OFF the brakes, and put the other firmly on the GAS pedal. Together, we'll go both Far and Fast (going Furious is optional ;))

- I will take you out of the program if it turns out that you're not 100% committed. This sounds harsh, but see it as a quality guarantee: I need to ensure that the group dynamics are uplifting and energizing, propelling you to go forward. There is no room for flakiness.

- You might just end up achieving goals you currently think are impossible. That's my expertise: turning wild ambitions into reality.


To ensure that this program gets filled with people who are ready to develop their go-getter mentality and take action, there will be an enrollment process:

During the enrollment call, we'll speak over Zoom to discuss your goals, challenges, and motivation, so we can both make sure that you qualify for GGG.

Step 1: Intake form & CV

Step 2: Enrollment call

Step 3: Contract & payment

DONE! You're in and ready to start.

A Note on Age

You need to be an adult for this program. And if you're still a student, this program is likely not the right fit for you. Because it does not provide guidance on how to fulfill your potential in educational settings. 

HOWEVER: having said that, I will be the last person to deny you access to a program purely because of your age. I launched my first entrepreneurship initiative at age 16. I was sailing the world at age 20. I started coaching at age 25. You get the point... 

(Also, while running this program, I'm doing my PhD at Cambridge. Which involves studying... So obviously, the lines are blurry).


Age is often a meaningless number for gifted people. I coach people who are half my age, and people who are double my age. I conduct enrollment calls with everyone to curate an aligned GGG group.

Your Investment

Gifted Go-Getter
Mastermind (GGG)


Pay in full: €3,480

Or pay in 3 installments of €1,325

Below age 25:

Pay in full: €1,745

Or pay in 3 installments of €745


Because this program is all about action-taking, there will be an extra perk:

The first 3 people who sign up to pay in full will receive a big discount:

Regular: €2,980

Below age 25: 1,395

Smart Rebel Scholarship

I am committed to increasing and promoting diversity and inclusivity in giftedness programs. This is why I'm introducing the Smart Rebel Scholarship. 

I'm sponsoring a maximum of two gifted persons who would benefit highly from the GGG program but who don't have the means to finance their spot. If you are awarded the scholarship, you will be able to join for free. 

There are four conditions:

1. You have a non-western background (eg. you might have immigrant parents, or live in a low-income country)

2. You don't have the financial means to cover the costs

3. You are cognitively gifted (proof not required)

4. You agree to show up with the level of commitment as if you had paid the full price.

The application process is the same as for the paid-for spots, with the additional element of writing a personal statement about why you are a good candidate for this scholarship.


To inquire about the Smart Rebel Scholarship:

Please send me an email. Introduce yourself and tell me why you're interested in applying for the GGG Mastermind. I'll get back to you with more detailed information on how to apply.  

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