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Start before you feel ready

One of the things I often say to my clients is this: 'Start before you feel ready'. We often come up with excuses for why this is not the right time for us to do that thing we've been wanting to do, or why we should hold off with launching that awesome project until there are more favorable conditions. The truth is: there will never be a perfect time. You'll never be done learning. You'll never feel like you're fully ready. And it's dangerous to hide yourself behind yet another course, or that one book you feel that you should read before you start your own thing, etc. Why dangerous? Because you risk never actually getting started at all. So let me tell you a secret: You'll never feel fully ready. Ever. Here's another secret: your task is not to reach a point where you can say "I finally feel ready". Your task is to accept that you will never feel fully prepared. And that you're going to start anyways. There was a beautiful moment during a recent group session of the Gifted Go-Getter Mastermind, where I had asked all participants to share one action they'd taken towards turning their ambitions into reality. One of them said that she'd signed up for a course. Towards the end of the session, however, she told us: "Perhaps this course is yet another way of procrastinating. Perhaps it's a way of avoiding really getting started". Her observation was spot on. And I was so happy that she'd noticed it herself. Because this person does not need yet another course to help her get ready. She already has all the skills, credentials, and knowledge she needs to launch her own initiatives. She's as prepared and qualified as one can ever be. But feeling and knowing this yourself is a whole other thing... Learning is great, and you should never stop doing it. But you should also never let it keep you from getting yourself out there and doing the thing that all this learning is supposed to help you get ready for. Get started, and learn along the way. I've never done Polar Studies before. Yet here I am writing a research paper about the sonic landscapes of Antarctica. Do I feel ready for that? Hell no! Do I feel like I should learn a lot more, before I'm even remotely qualified to write or speak about this topic? Absolutely. But I remind myself that I didn't end up here by mistake. Yes, I have lots to learn. And yes, I've got lots of reading to do. But that doesn't mean that I can't simultaneously be producing valuable writing. Because truthfully, I've already done a lot of learning in the past that feeds into what I'm doing today. I've got all the tools I need to get started. And so do you. So please, do yourself a favor and get out of your own way. Go do the thing before you feel ready.

End-of-year offer (50% discount): December Deep Dive

I've got a special end-of-year offer for you. I don't know about you, but I feel far from ready for December, or 2023 to come along. But that's exactly why this is the right time to get started ;) The December Deep Dive is a 90-minute intense 1-1 session with me where we dive deeply into your core goals and ambitions for 2023. You'll walk away with a sense of clarity about what things you want to focus on in 2023, and a list of concrete action steps to help you create momentum and start working towards these goals. Most importantly, this session will help you to reconnect to your WHY, aka. your source of motivation behind all the things you want to do. This offer is discounted at 50% off the usual price for a Deep Dive. Only 3 spots available. Book your place here:

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